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Career Counselling

Choosing the right career can be a daunting task, particularly for students and adults who are unsure of their interests and career aspirations. Career counselling is a process that involves providing guidance and support to individuals in their career exploration journey.


It assists individuals in identifying their strengths, interests, and values, as well as helps them develop a plan to achieve their career goals. Career counselling is needed because it provides individuals with the necessary information like your natural skill set, your personality, how assertive are you and so on to make informed career decisions

Corporate Counselling sessions

What is Career Counselling sessions? 

At Psychoflakes Counselling Centre, we offer unique career counselling tests that are designed to assess an individual’s skills, interests, personality traits, EQ, IQ, assertiveness and other requirements for career.


These tests are designed to provide individuals with an understanding of their career options and identify the most suitable career paths for them.


The tests also help individuals to identify their interest, passion and the right job for themselves. They can also help individuals identify their learning styles, providing them with the tools they need to achieve their career goals.

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How will the sessions help you? 

  • Gain clarity on your career goals and aspirations.

  • Identify and assess your unique strengths, skills, and interests.

  • Explore a wide range of career options and pathways.

  • Receive expert guidance to make informed career decisions.

  • Benefit from ongoing support and assistance as you navigate your career journey.


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How will the sessions with Psychoflakes look like?

Career Counselling Test

Evaluation and Session

Career Roadmap

A career counseling test typically includes assessments for interests, skills, and values to help individuals explore suitable career options. It helps identify areas of interest, strengths, and values to guide career decision-making.

After a thorough evaluation of the psychometric test by career counsellors, you can opt for the 1:1 career counselling session where you can discuss with the counsellor your cocnerns, the career report and choose a career graph you want to work on. 

Once you have discussed with your career counsellor the career you would want to explore on based on your strengths, skills and psychometric assessment, a detailed career roadmap will be drafted based on the career chosen by you to make your journey in the chosen career easier and research backed. 

Why Choose us? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will therapy help me?  +

Therapy can help improve your overall well-being. Studies show that therapy is effective, with approximately 75% of individuals experiencing significant symptom reduction after therapy, leading to increased life satisfaction and functioning.  It is an empowering journey that can make one improve their life.

What can I expect from Career Counselling session?  +

In a career counseling session, you can expect guidance and support to clarify your goals, explore career options, make informed decisions, and create an action plan for your professional development. The counselor will assess your interests, values, and skills, provide information on different careers, assist in decision-making, and offer encouragement throughout the process.

What contains in the Career Roadmap? +

In a career counseling session, the counselor conducts thorough research on your chosen career. They provide information on colleges offering relevant courses, degree, job roles and profiles, international opportunities, and the overall blueprint of the career. The aim is to make you well-informed and knowledgeable about your chosen career path.

What contains in the Psychometric Assessment?  +

A career counselling test often includes a variety of assessments and tools designed to provide individuals with valuable insights into their interests, skills, and values, enabling them to explore and identify suitable career options. The tests will be based on  IQ, EQ, Interest Profiler, Values,  Personality, Aptitude and  Work Profiler.

What will happen in a career counselling session? +

The counsellor will provide information and resources to help you explore different career paths. They may discuss the requirements, opportunities, and challenges associated with various careers, as well as provide insights into potential growth areas and emerging industries. If necessary, the counselor may identify areas where you can enhance your skills or acquire additional qualifications to increase your chances of success in your chosen career. They can provide guidance on training programs, workshops, or educational opportunities that can help you develop specific skills.

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