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How career counselling is beneficial and essential?

Career counselling is a process of helping individuals understand their unique set of skills, interests, and abilities and how they can be applied to the world of work. By guiding individuals through self-assessment and exploration of various career options, career counsellors help them make informed decisions about their careers.

Here are two case studies of individuals who have benefited from career counselling:

Case of Rahul

Rahul, 19 year old was pursuing his engineering degree and was unsure of what direction to take in his career. He was feeling overwhelmed by the many different career paths available to him, and he didn’t have a clear understanding of his own strengths and interests.

Rahul decided to seek the help of a career counsellor, who conducted a series of assessments and discussions to help him identify his skills, values, and career interests.

Through the process it was discovered that Rahul had the skills set for finance. He was extremely good with numbers (His strength), he scored high in EQ test, and he had the flare for leadership roles.

From the career option available, he choose to be a trader. He felt he could complete his degree in engineering and simultaneously do courses in trading and opt for a degree from IGNOU or other open universities.

He started trading for few days in the mock sites and realised he was good at it.

Post our 10th grade or 12th grade we often take the career which is either pursed by our relatives or family members or what we have been told to do. Once we enter the field we realise we are unhappy or not driven to work in the field.

When you find your passion, it becomes easier to find the pathway in the career and make money and achieve success. If we are not good at something, being harsh on ourselves will not help us grow.

In case of Rahul, it was eye-opening for him to notice his likes and strengths in the beginning years of his career.

Case of Priya

Priya, a 30 year old, had been working in the same job for several years and was feeling unfulfilled and stagnant in her career. She was interested in pursuing a career in marketing, but she didn’t have a clear understanding of the skills and qualifications she needed to make the transition.

Priya sought the help of Psychoflakes Counselling Centre for career counselling. We understood her skill set and if marketing was the right fit for her. Through the tests and counselling we identified that Priya had skills for creativity. She was extremely good in communication, writing, psychology and dancing.

She was interested in Marketing, but her skill sets were aligned to a different field. We came up with career options like setting up a dance studio, content writing for small firms and event management.

Through the counselling process, Priya chose to start a dance studio in Bangalore. The process of setting up of the dance studio gave her the exposure to marketing where she realised that she was not as passionate about it as compared to dancing. It has been 2 years since she did the transition and has never been this driven and happier.

Key takeaways

These case studies demonstrate the benefits of career counselling in helping individuals identify their strengths and interests, develop a plan to achieve their career goals, and find fulfilment and success in their chosen careers.

By working with a career counsellor, individuals can gain the guidance and support they need to make informed decisions about their careers and achieve their professional aspirations.

In India, career counselling is becoming an increasingly important resource for individuals who want to take control of their careers and achieve their full potential.

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