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Certificate Course in Art Therapy 

Learn how to utilise art therapy in sessions. 

What will you learn?

Module 1

  • Introduction to Art Therapy 

  • History of Art Therapy 

  • Techniques in Art Therapy

  • Art Therapy Models

Module 2

  • Cognitive Based Art Therapy

  • Narrative Based Art Therapy 

  • Mindfulness Based Art Therapy 

  • Environmental Based Art Therapy 

  • Solution focused Art Therapy

Module 3

  • Psychodynamic Approach and Humanistic Art Based Therapy

  • Learning Development and ADHD and Autism

  • Group and Family Art Based Therapy

  • Art Therapy with Couples

Module 4

  • Art Therapy and Trauma 

  • Art Therapy and Stress 

  • Art Therapy and Depression 

  • Art Therapy and Overthinking

Module 5

  • Art Therapy and Abuse 

  • Art Therapy and Adolescence Concerns (Gender Identity)

  • Art Therapy and Adult Concerns ( ransition in life)

  • Art Therapy and Memory

  • Art Therapy and Corporate Set Up

Module 6

  • How to Enhance Your Career as Art Therapist

How will the course benefit you? 

  • Understand Art as a Therapeutic Intervention

  • Using Art in Clinical Cases

  • Understanding the emotions and thoughts of the clients via non-verbal communication

  • Using art as a tool in therapy sessions with children, adults and old age clients.

  • Learn to facilitate and plan a session for your clients

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Batch Details

New batch from 2nd September 2024

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Duration: 3 months 

Timing: 7-8:30 pm

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