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Overthinking and hmm.. just overthinking.

Overthinking is a pattern of excessive and constant thinking about a particular issue, situation or perhaps a problem. It is actually an unproductive way of analysing, re analysing and over analysing a particular aspect or multiple aspects of a situation.

People who tend to overthink may constantly dwell on past events, worry excessively about the future, or excessively focus on the negative aspects of a situation.

Have you ever seen a downward spiral?

Well, overthinking might as well just be one!

Woke up this morning and dad asked me to wake up early the next day onwards..

Why did he do that?

Am I in trouble?

Have I done something wrong?

Will I be able to wake up earlier than this?

What if I don't?

Will he scold me?

Why does he always ask me to wake up early?

Why do I need to wake up?

I don't want to wake up before my time, it disrupts my schedule

If i have to do this for life I won't survive in this house

OMG, I should start looking for another house!!!!!!!

These thoughts in my head have gotten me so occupied, I can't even finish the work my boss gave me, now what should I do?

(woke up the next morning, dad just wanted my help because the gardener wasn't coming that day and he needed to water all the plants)

This is a simple example of what overthinking looks like.

Overthinking often involves getting trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts and assumptions, leading to increased stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion. It can prevent individuals from making decisions, taking action, or enjoying the present moment. Overthinker's may struggle with self-doubt, perfectionism, and a constant need for reassurance or validation.

It's important to note that thinking deeply and critically about situations can be beneficial in certain circumstances. However, overthinking becomes problematic when it hampers one's ability to function effectively and negatively impacts their mental well-being. Addressing overthinking typically involves developing self-awareness, challenging negative thought patterns, practising mindfulness, and finding healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress and anxiety. Seeking support from a mental health professional can also be beneficial in managing overthinking tendencies, so sign up for your therapy sessions now!

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