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Our Team Speaks

Happy Birthday Psychoflakes

My journey with Psychoflakes first began in the year 2021,

We as psychology students are often asked to intern under different psychologists and understand what it is actually like to be a psychologist.

When the world was struck with Covid-19, it landed me with the opportunity to intern with Psychoflakes.

My first guide and my first mentor was Vandana ma’am, who has been a constant guide since the beginning.

My initial days as a student intern ranged from making notes about basics of counselling, clinical psychology, neuro Linguistic Programming and many more, to jumping onto managing logistics for the same online courses.

How was Psychoflakes different for me?

Student mentor interaction is on point

Student mentor ratio is great

You have always been consistent

An effort from your organisation was seen everyday

Apart from just recorded sessions, Psychoflakes focused on live classes

Fast forward to 2023, and here I am still, not just a grateful follower but a proud member of the Psychoflakes team. The journey from being a student learning from them to now working alongside them has been nothing short of incredible, yet I continue to learn more everyday.

Today as a member of the organisation I get to give back what Psychoflakes had given to me, by creating intriguing content for your eyes and I look forward to many more birthdays with Psychoflakes!

Thank You Psychoflakes

Happiest 3rd Birthday!

If you are intrigued, I recommend you try Psychoflakes whether it is a session, or a course, or an event.

The experience with Psychoflakes will keep you wanting for more.

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