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Magic key and the bird who couldn’t fly.

Once upon a time, in a small forest with hills and a river, there lived a little bird. Her name was Ruby, and she had beautiful, colorful feathers that sparkled in the sunlight.

But there was something that made her different—she couldn't fly.

While her sisters, brothers and peers soared in the sky, Ruby watched from the ground, dreaming of flying and exploring the skies. One day, as she hopped along the forest floor, she came across a shining object hidden under leaves. It was a small, golden key - a MAGIC KEY.

Curiosity filled Ruby as she picked up the key in her beak. On it, she read the words:

"Believe, and doors will open.”

Ruby didn't completely understand the words, but she knew the key was special. She decided to keep it close and started on a journey to discover its purpose.

Ruby hopped and walked through the forest, searching for doors that the magic key could open. She found a small door inside an old tree trunk. Excited, she used the key to open the door, to her surprise, the door swung open, revealing a warm and happy place.

The door was entrance to a cozy home of squirrels. The squirrels welcomed Ruby, sharing nuts and stories of their adventures. Ruby felt a sense of belonging, she realized that the key had led her to the door of friendship.

With her newfound confidence, Ruby continued exploring.

She found a door in a hollow log, leading to a hidden grove where fireflies danced under the moonlight.

Another door, hidden in a bush, revealed a beautiful field of flowers buzzing with bumblebees.

Everywhere Ruby went, the magic key opened the doors to new wonders.

As Ruby adventured deeper into the forest, she came across a door carved into the trunk of an ancient oak tree. She turned the key and opened it. Inside, the tree lived a family of wise owls who shared their wisdom with Ruby. It was here that ruby discovered the importance of trust, she understood the value of trusting herself and others.

After she thanked the owls and said her goodbyes, she continued her journey,

Ruby stumbled upon a door hidden behind a waterfall. With the magic key, she unlocked it, revealing a glistening cave full of crystals. Inside, Ruby was filled with a renewed sense of optimism. Ruby believed that this door was hope. This helped her find the strength to persevere even in difficult times.

With a new sense of hope, ruby continued her journey…

The next-door Ruby found was nestled within a tall, sunlit meadow. As she turned the key, she entered a calm and peaceful sanctuary filled with birdsong. In this peaceful place, Ruby was filled with power of belief in something greater than herself, finding comfort in moments of quiet reflection. This was the door of faith.

With each door she opened, Ruby's understanding deepened.

The magic key revealed to her the beauty of friendship, the importance of trust, the presence of hope, and the strength of faith.

Her journey came to an end where it had begun, she was back in the place where she had found the key. To her surprise she found the leader of the flock there, Luna, waiting for her.

Luna gave Ruby an all-knowing smile. She said to Ruby “the doors opened only because you believed it would, the magic was in you all along.”

Ruby finally Understood what the writing on the key meant - "Believe, and doors will open.”

She stood at the edge of a cliff and gazed at the vast sky. Her family and friends watched from the treetops, curious about her next move. Ruby took a deep breath, holding the key tightly. She believed in herself, her dreams, and her ability to fly. With determination, she leaped into the air, flapping her wings with newfound strength.

The forest held its breath as Ruby soared higher and higher, defying gravity. She joined her family and friends in the sky, circling the treetops.

She had found belief in herself, and now she could fly.

Just like Ruby, we all have a magic key within ourselves — the key of self-belief.

And just like Ruby opened doors to friendship, trust, hope, and faith, when we believe in ourselves, we can make friends, trust others, stay hopeful, and find inner strength. We can unlock amazing things in life.

So, remember, you have a magic key within you. Believe in yourself, and doors to happiness and fulfilment will open in your life.

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Beautiful message!!!

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