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Joy- The Emotion

Have you watched the movie- Inside out?

The movie talks about emotions of an individual, today lets discuss about Joy as an emotion in this blog.

Point of view: Joy as a person 😉

Hi! My name is Joy! How are you? Oh you must be happy now because I have come to see you today!

I haven’t studied much but I have my own field where I am an expert. I live in joy land and I have sooooo many friends, I just love them! Would you like to be my friend too?

Do you know why I am important? Because.. each time you feel sad 😞, fear😱, disgust🤢, or anger😡 I have the power💪🏻 to bring you out of that pit and onto cloud☁️ 9. I usually like to say this when I meet someone… Smile because I am here 😊. I can come when you get good sleep 💤 or when you get to eat your tastiest food also when it is your favourite time of the day or are you doing your favourite activity? Here I come, wooop!! I am on my way if you see a butterfly🦋! Oh wow you bought new clothes 👗👚👖.. I am in the same bag as your new clothes🛍! DUB DUB DUB… is that your heartbeat 🫀? Wow you are meeting your favourite person 👩‍❤️‍👨! I am right here with you! Talking about your heart.. Do you know I can make you jump up and down 🤸🏻‍♂️. I can make your cheeks go red and I can also make you sing🎤 out loud even if you think you are bad at it.

Do you know how many responsibilities I have? – I am not complaining because duhhh I am joy and I feel myself when I can do this for you! So, I am responsible for your good health ⛑! If you have me around most of the times I will make sure you don’t get a heart attack, you don’t get high blood pressure and neither do you have low cholesterol and I will make sure that you are always happy happy 🧸. I am also responsible to make you kind.. you know I have that effect on people (hehehe 😬).. I will make you patient, kind and even creative! Do you know that some people actually studied me📚! I felt so great and honoured! Well when they studied me they said when I am with people they have a 40% chance of getting a promotion! I am so proud I could do that to people! Oh oh oh 😮and also if I am around I reduce your chances of getting too much stress and I can also reduce your chances of getting mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Now I am sure you want me to meet and be friends with you so I will tell you a few ways as to how you can call me..

- Make life simple for yourself

- I am here with you all the time, just open your eyes and look for me

- Step out of your room, go for cycling🚲 or swimming 🏊🏻‍♀️or just do 10 jumping jacks

- Are you 44? So what? You can still play your favourite game! 🧩

- Be passionate with what makes you come alive!

- Let your fears go

- Did you make friends? Good, party with them! Didn’t? You are your best company!

- When challenges come to you, grow with them!

- Let’s go eat some ice cream🍨! Yum 🤤 I will come along!

Apart from this I can simply meet you when you meditate, throw your hands up in the air and breath in and go HAHAHAHA! Wow that’s something really good isn’t it?

Do you know why I make you feel all this? It is because each time I meet you I make your brain release some dopamine and serotonin now you can call these happy tears of the brain.. but these chemicals 🧪are the reason that make you want to jump on a trampoline like crazy.

What say? Want to climb out of that pit of Fear, Anger, Sadness or disgust and chew a candy of Joy with me🍭? I promise it will be yummy 😋 and you will never want to leave joy land🤗💃🏻🍬!

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