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How To Have Healthy Relationships

There are several factors that make up a healthy relationship such as emotions, actions, experiences, and mindsets. There is no one size fits all healthy relationship. They are personal and subjective based on the needs of each individual. In a healthy relationship, one should ideally feel loved, valued, and respected.

A healthy relationship should be founded on communication; the ability to share feelings and other thoughts with your partner, boundaries; knowing each other’s needs, and when to draw lines with regard to those needs, honesty; being honest and truthful to yourself and your partner is essential to build a healthy relationship, growth; water each other so each of you’ll improve thereby growing in the relationship too.

Understand your Partner’s Core Needs

Develop the capacity for genuine comprehension. This entails connecting on a deeper emotional level and empathically placing yourself in your partner’s shoes, going beyond simply understanding their requirements at face value. Sometimes our partners might have unmet needs from their childhood, or they want to be loved a certain way. If we do not understand the core of the person, it will be tough to empathize and understand them.

Get to Know Yourself Better

In order to communicate more effectively and clearly, take the time to understand yourself and become aware of your feelings. Being able to control and regulate your emotions and express them in a healthy way is not only beneficial to your mental health but is also a good way to share a healthy relationship.

Reflection, Learning and Unlearning

Being able to look back and reflect on your own experiences and encounters can go a long way. You can respond to your partners feelings, in a healthy way if you can express your own feelings in a healthy way,too. Often, when someone makes us angry, it’s because we’ve been hurt or upset. If you can acknowledge that, you can express it to your partner and improve your communication and relationship as a whole. Other times, we are so used to expressing our anger in an unhealthy attempt to cope with our circumstances and we bring in these patterns into our relationships too. Recognizing, acknowledging and relearning healthier behaviours can be extremely helpful in building healthy relationships.

Have Realistic Expectations

It is crucial to be accepting of your partner. While we may have many expectations of our partner, it is not possible for our partners to be everything we want them to be. If you cannot match up to expectations you set for someone else, it best not to expect it from your partner.

Celebrate your Differences

You don’t have to downplay or disregard the differences you have with your partner. Feeling a sense of excitement in the relationship depends on acknowledging your differences. It was those insignificant contrasts that first piqued your interest in one another, therefore you should never lose sight of this. If you value one another, you will not only value the life you have built together but also relish in it.


A common misconception is that intimacy is about being physical and having the big moments. True intimacy is about the little things that happen every day. It’s watching your favourite movie with a friend for the tenth time while seated next to each other on the couch or cooking your partner their favourtie dish. Keeping the spark alive is key to learning how to maintain a healthy relationship, but it requires effort. In order to resolve these difficulties and prevent sowing the seeds of anger that would otherwise surface.

Difference in Values

Even healthy relationships can experience conflicts regarding morals and values. Instead of using these challenging circumstances as an excuse to end, a successful partnership will take advantage of them as an opportunity to realign and progress. Understand what each partner’s values are, and if the communication style is similar. While differences in these areas may cause conflict, they also present chances for the relationship to advance to a new level of desire, intimacy, and connection.

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