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Bickering Mountains

In a world very much like ours, Fluffy and Puffy, the cloud buddies, floated aimlessly in the vast sky. They stumbled upon a fascinating argument exchanged between the two ancient and wise mountains, Rocky and Cotton-peak.

Rocky stood tall with a rugged, tough exterior and a sturdy presence that boasted his toughness and resilience. On the other hand, Cotton-peak was embodied with gentleness, softness and slopes that were smooth, welcoming, and inviting.

Cotton-peak, confident in his simplicity, proclaimed, “Hey, you hard mountain! Look at me; my path is straight, without any hurdles.”

Rocky, proud of his rough features, retorted fiercely, “Oh, you think being straight and hurdle-free is enough? The challenging, rough path helps with growth and improvement. My path might not be straight and is filled with stones and hurdles, but those are the steps to success.”

Cotton-peak scoffed, dissatisfied with Rocky's remarks, and said, “I provide an effortless journey; there is no need for ropes, gloves, or gear. I am simple and easy.”

Rocky grunted, replying, “Yes, they need extra gear, preparation, and motivation to journey through me, but the sense of accomplishment and pride I give makes up for all the effort they put in.”

Cotton-peak frowned, like that is a response. “Look here, Rocky,” pointing at the flags on his head (summit), “see how many flags I have; these mark the proud achievements of people who conquered me. I am so easy; they can complete me in a day.”

Rocky unwaveringly replied, “Though I have much fewer flags compared to you, and they may not conquer me easily, the sense of triumph they feel when they finally reach my peak is unparalleled. I teach them valuable life lessons, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead. It's not just about the destination; it's about the journey.”

Rocky went on to criticise Cotton-peak, and said, “Your easy paths are sometimes filled with traps, and people lose their way.”

Cotton-peak, outraged at hearing that, barked in response, “My ‘traps’ as you put it, are much better in comparison to your complicated ways. With all those twists and turns, you make things harder than they need to be, turning simple things into challenges.”

At this point, Rocky lost his temper and was about to fling one of his rocks at Cotton-peak, when Fluffy and Puffy intervened. “Hey! Hey! Hey! Calm down, both of you.” Puffy scolded. Fluffy blew the rock from Rocky’s hands, turned towards them, and exclaimed, “When will you both understand that people need you both in their lives?”

Fluffy went on to explain, “Yes, you two are very different, but you are both helping people grow and accomplish things in life. Indeed, just like you two, life presents easy and difficult paths.”

Puffy nodded in agreement and added, “But sometimes, we complicate things unnecessarily. Expressing our feelings can be as simple as speaking honestly, yet we tend to overthink and make it difficult for ourselves.”

Fluffy smiled and went on, “On the other hand, sometimes we get trapped in easy things in life, like getting stuck in the comfort of our routine, when a challenge can help us grow.”

Hearing this, Rocky and Cotton-peak exchanged understanding glances. Each was important in their own right, and one was not superior to the other.

I too agree with Fluffy and Puffy. As humans, we need both the easy and the difficult aspects of life. The challenge lies in knowing and deciding which path to take and which obstacles to overcome. We must resist the temptation to take the easy way out in every situation, and we mustn’t shy away from the difficult but rewarding journeys. For example, smoking or drinking are probably easy ways to cope with our difficult feelings and emotions, and seeking therapy may be more challenging, but it can lead to profound personal growth and healing.

Moreover, we should also remember to take the easy road and not complicate things, like when we delay talking to a friend because we're busy, thinking we'll chat when we meet. But a simple phone call can help us stay connected.

The two paths in our lives - Rocky and Cotton-Peak - play integral roles in shaping our journey. Because in the end, it is the combination of both paths that allows us to grow, learn, and fully experience life.

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