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Becoming Unicorn

In a land far away, there was a large forest. It was more than just tall trees and beautiful green grass, it was a home to a herd of cheerful and handsome horses. They looked out for each other and spent their days happily traveling together. They wandered from one patch of tasty grass to another, enjoying the simple joys of life in their peaceful meadow. Misty was part of this joyful herd, and she had never been happier in her forest home.

But one day, everything changed. Clouds gathered and turned dark, bringing heavy rain and loud thunder. Misty, along with her companions, became frightened. They stuck together, trying to find a safe place to shelter from the storm. Unfortunately, due to a flash flood, she found herself stranded on a rocky outcropping. As the stream raged, the rest of the herd moved on and Misty had to jump off in the opposite direction.

After the storm abated, Misty found herself all alone and did not know how to cross the stream and rejoin the herd. Just then, a baby zebra ran up to her. Misty was shocked and did not know how to respond. As she looked on, the baby Zebra came and stood next to her shivering with cold. Misty remembered her mother and how she would gently lick the baby colts. Misty gave a tentative lick and stripy stood coolly and even seemed to enjoy it too. After a few licks, it seemed like the baby Zebra settled down and looked comforted. Misty flashed her best toothy smile and asked the Zebra his name. The Zebra responded cheerfully, ‘Stripy’

Very soon, another baby Zebra, came up and stood looking a bit confused. Misty thought, “ah, that fellow is wondering what I have done with Stripy”. Misty stood quietly looking at the new arrival. Misty did not want to startle him by moving forward. Her mother’s words rang in her mind “give them time and space”. Sure enough, the baby Zebra walked up, approached Misty and sniffed her. Misty remained still and when he was near enough she give him a small tentative lick and viola, they became friends.

Zippy, the second baby Zebra, shared how he and stripy drifted apart from their family herd during the storm and were trying to find the path to get back to them. At the mention of the storm, Misty found herself reliving the events as if they were happening right now. She heard her heart pounding in sync with the thunders she had heard. Stripy and Zippy hugged Misty, encouraging her to take deep breaths. At that moment Misty realised she wasn't alone, and she shared her fears, thoughts and feelings with her new companions.

Determined to make a positive impact, Misty embarked on a mission to help those affected by the storm. She worked tirelessly, constructing shelters along the riverbanks and a sturdy bridge to facilitate safe crossings during future storms.

Although busy at work, that fateful night kept revisiting her, and during those visits, instead of pushing away those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, she let them be, she focused on her actions. She reminded herself about the goals, and stayed committed towards it.

Months passed by, before another storm threatened to hit the forest, but this time it was different. No one was lost, the inhabitants of the forest sought refuge in shelter along the banks and the bridge made it easier for everyone to cross over to a safe spot.

Misty was proud of herself, and so was everyone around her. Zippy and Stripy the most, because they understood how much this meant to Misty. Stripy then noticed something about Misty. He pointed out excitedly that Misty was growing wings. At first misty thought that Stripy was making fun, but then she felt something on her face, a horn. She hurried to the river to see her reflection and saw that she had transformed into a horse with colorful wings and a beautiful horn.

Unicorn! Everyone rejoiced happily.

Misty was no ordinary horse, she became a symbol of hope, resilience, positive growth, she became a unicorn.


The story conveys a simple but powerful message – We too, can become Unicorns.

Victor Frankl, in his book “Man's Search for Meaning,” emphasises the idea that individuals can discover meaning in their lives, even in the most difficult circumstances. Misty's journey aligns with Frankl's perspective on finding meaning in difficult situations.

Misty's journey also reflects elements of acceptance. When she finds herself alone after the storm, she doesn't deny or suppress her fears and memories but rather faces them. Misty embraces the discomfort of her situation and acknowledges the challenges she's encountered. This acceptance becomes a foundation for her actions.

Misty's transformation into a unicorn with wings and a horn is a metaphorical representation of post-traumatic growth.

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