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A space where you can talk without judgement

When you speak to our clients 

I went for a trading psychology session. It was amazing!
They helped me with finding the key areas within my own mindset which I had to improve at and they also shared me few insights on how as a trader we can also make sure to stay present in the moment and focus when things go wrong.
The session helped me a lot with the psychology and mindset aspect of trading

Schedule a session with us via our waitlist

Do the payment for the session

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Get matched to a counsellor best suited for your needs

Our team offers you the best

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Minimum 1 year of experience

Masters in Counselling/ Clinical Psychology qualified counsellors

Modern approach to therapy using ACT

5 languages offered in therapy session

Give you tools to work on 

Measure your progress every step

When you speak to our clients 

It was really nice. My therapist asked the right questions so I was able to think more about why things are the way it is. I felt motivated and energised to handle the issues which i have been holding and bottling up for a long time. As the sessions progressed, I felt more confident and resilient towards things. I cannot thank enough the Psychoflakes team for providing me this space and walking me through this phase of my life.

A little about us 

Our online story

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We began our online practice in the year 2020 and provided sessions on self development to many young adults. 

Setting up counselling centre in Bangalore

In 2022 we moved to our in person counselling centre in Bangalore located in Jayanagar. 

Why should you come to us? 

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Our vision is simple- We want to use modern therapy tools which are measurable, simpler, logical which match the requirements of the 21st century adults. 

When you speak to our clients 

After a long struggle, I finally decided to start with therapy and choosing Psychoflakes is the best decision I've made off late. My therapist has helped me immensely to come out of one of the darkest phases of my life. She's easy to talk to and makes me feel really comfortable. With every session, I feel more empowered and I really want to thank my counsellor :)

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